Swedish Massage 

Swedish Massage is the foundation upon which most western massage modalities are founded. Most massage is a combination of the several strokes that make up a Swedish massage and many therapists rely on Swedish techniques to blend and customize massage sessions for their clients. 

If you're stressed out from a hard work week or tight due to a stressful situation, Swedish massage is a great modality to help send you on your way to a more relaxed version of yourself. 

Chances are good that your massage therapist is building your custom massage using Swedish massage techniques as a foundation. 


Ask your massage therapist how they blend Swedish massage techniques in your massage session!

Common Results: 

  • Increased circulation

  • Ease of muscle tension 

  • Toning muscle tissue

  • Flush waste products from tissues 

  • Improved flexibility 

  • Relaxation

  • Improved sense of wellbeing 

  • Stimulate skin health 

Mechanics and Effects:

Swedish Massage is a combination of a variety of different strokes. The common ones are gliding, kneading, and compression strokes produce a relaxing and elongating effect in your muscles and connective tissues. The rhythmic striking and tapping techniques have a toning effect on the muscles and produce a relaxing effect on the neuromuscular junctions. Friction strokes generate heat with in the tissues and help to melt away stuck areas of connective tissues that can restrict range of motion and produce excessive tightness.